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From the author – David Jenyns

david-jenyns headshotJust a short note to congratulate you on grabbing a copy of Authority Content. I’m excited for you and confident when you read and apply what you’ll learn, you’ll have tremendous breakthroughs both personally and professionally. What you will find on this bonuses page is a collection of further education designed to help you get the most from this book.

Many of the bonuses have been contributed by my friends, clients, colleagues and partners. Please if any of their material resonates with you, do your own research and seek them out.

If you have any questions or need a hand please contact me here.

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Friends & colleagues contributions

Troy Dean - Workshop

The Recurring Revenue Roadmap – more detail here


Note: This workshop was run as an “Authority Content” style workshop and is the product referenced in the book in the back of the book.

Andrew Griffiths & Nick Bowditch - Workshop

The Art Of Storytelling – more detail here

Note: This workshop was run as an “Authority Content” style workshop.

Greg Cassar - Presentation

Kenny Goodman - Presentation

Alex Pirouz - Presentation

Yaro Starak - Mini Course

The Theory Of Constraints

Download The Theory Of Constraints MP3Download Workbook.

The Theory Of Constraints (TOC) is one of the critical productivity concepts I use to run my business and life by.

Along with the 80/20 Rule and the Sprint Technique, they make up what I believe are the three most important concepts you need to know to significantly improve not just how much you get done, but also that you do what is most important to you.

The TOC is the tool you use to identify the order of tasks to work on. It’s a brilliant technique because it helps you figure out your day to day actions, while still maintaining clarity of the big picture goal you are working towards.

Listen to this audio and you will have a much better understanding of what the TOC is and how you can apply it to your blogging business.

The Sprint Technique

Download The Spirt Technique Workbook MP3Download Workbook.

I see the Sprint technique as the ultimate focus tool. It is a perfect implementation of good energy management, which you will find is another important topic discussed in this audio series.The Sprint is the most recent technique I have applied to my productivity arsenal. I learned of it while studying startup advice and then applied it to running a blog and information marketing business.

As you probably know I am a big fan of working a 2 hour work day, which is realistic when you apply techniques like the Sprint. Most of my day is made up of sprints, each focused on different aspects of my life, using short concentrated bursts of energy.

Listen to this audio and you will hear my explanation of how I first applied the Sprint technique and how you can apply it to your own blogging business.

Lean Product Development

Download The Lean Product Development MP3Download Workbook.

Another technique borrowed from the world of startup companies, lean product development is all about testing quickly, using real user feedback as your development mechanism.

In this audio we look at how you can apply lean product development principles to how to get your blog up and running, and how to sell the right training products to your audience.

Lean helps with speed of implementation, which if you combine with our other productivity concepts, gives you a formula for incredibly rapid product deployment.

If you want results next week rather than in 12 months, listen to this audio.

Energy Management

Download The Energy Management MP3Download Workbook.

This topic goes beyond just business productivity. Since you use your mind and body to do everything in life, including work, it’s critical to harmonise how you use your body when not working just as much as when you are.

Energy Management is a subject not talked about often enough in the world of professional blogging. In this audio I will explain to you what the Ultradian Rhythm is, and why you need to stay in sync with it to maximise results.

As counter intuitive as this may sound, learning how to rest and recover is potentially more important than learning how to perform. Without recovery, no matter how good your productivity techniques, your body won’t be able to deliver at its peak.

Listen to this audio as I break down some of the most important advice you will hear in this entire series.

Inevitability Thinking And Positivity Training

Download The Thinking & Learned Optimism MP3Download Workbook.

The subjects in this audio have been lifelong lessons for me, which I still continue to practice today.
It’s never too late to start however, so if this is your first taste of positivity training, understand it has the potential to change your life quite dramatically, if you continue to improve over time.

As I discuss in the audio, my training in this area began after experiencing panic attacks in my early twenties. Although it was one of the hardest times in my life, it opened a doorway to a better way of thinking.

This mindset audio series is all about giving you a powerful set of proven principles to think smarter. If you master these mindsets, they will in turn manifest in better results in your physical reality too.

Inevitability Thinking and Positivity Training are subtle skills that require you first create an awareness of your own internal dialogue. This is the doorway to massive change on a personal level, however it won’t happen over night.

Listen to this audio and you will have the first step of what can be an incredible transformation to how you think about your own life and thus, what results you experience in physical reality.

Eric Lancheres - Mini Course

How To Consistently Make Your Content Go VIRAL Without Anyone Knowing You’re Pulling The Strings
Discover the 3 psychological triggers that compel people to share your content (These are so powerful that it will bug them all day if they DON’T share your content)

“I have been creating content online for over 14 years, creating hundreds of articles that have gone nowhere. I spent thousands of dollars on content that did nothing. I even more on advertising content that never caught on. I wasted years of my life trying to get my message out without any success. I had to spend years figuring this stuff out…

Now that I have a process, it’s ridiculously easy to replicate. You just follow the recipe, like baking a cake, and you get results. Even if you screw up along the way, you still get results.” – Eric Lancheres

1 – Predictably Viral – Introduction

2 – Predictably Viral – Types of Viral Content

3 – Predictably Viral – First Impressions That Stick

3 – Predictably Viral – First Impressions That Stick Part II

4 – Predictably Viral – Social Proof

5 – Predictably Viral – Monetizing Your Viral Moment

6 – Predictably Viral – Case Study 1 FB Viral Video

7 – Predictably Viral – Case Study 2 Reddit Dating Article

BrowSEO Tool used in the case study

8 – Predictably Viral – Case Study 3 Virtual Reality

Extra Bonus – Going Viral With BrowSEO

Eric Lancheres is recognized as one of the best SEO in the world. If you’re doing SEO for yourself, run an SEO agency or direct employees that do the SEO for you, Eric will double your results. Discover his secrets at

Key Person Of Influence - Audio Book

Key Person Of Influence Book
Mac Audio Book – Download here
Microsoft Audio Book – Download here

Nic Lucus - Ebook
Dori Friend - Ebook
Stephan Spencer - Ebook
Joe Vitale - Book

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