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When planning a workshop, one thing you should think about is where to do it. The venue is as important as the substance of the workshop. Watch this video as David Jenynsprovides tips on facilitating and planning the workshop venue.

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Video Transcript: I’ve got this idea, and I’ve been bouncing around with it for a very long time and it’s called the Complete Entrepreneur. Some of you have watched the Four Stages in Entrepreneurship and I talked about it at the last OPM workshop. What I want to do is I’ve got this whole framework. I’m really excited to share it but my thought is I’m actually going to do something a little bit fun. We’re going to go find one of those pads in Portsea that sits on top and overlooks the sea. It’s going to be a workshop and it’s just going to be for ten people. I’m going to get all the video guys in and I’m just going to create an experience.

Where to presentThis is just the idea of turning a workshop on its head. It doesn’t have to be a workshop like this. It could be at your office, it could be in a conference room, it could be wherever it makes sense for you. What makes sense for you? We just did a shoot for a client, the Victorian Cosmetic Institute. We went out to their place of business in Berwick. We had one of the doctors talk through cosmetic surgery in science, the golden ratio and all these sorts of topics that are interesting. That’s a great way to create some very rich content in the space. Obviously then you don’t have to worry about expensive fees for conference rooms.

Take a moment, just in your head think about where you might actually run the event. You can jot that down.

Then we need to think about who to promote and how are we going to promote it? The way that I like to think about it, you might start off with your best clients first. If this is the first event that you’re running, identify who are the big fish, who are the whales who bring in most of your business? Let’s reward them, let’s really look after them. Maybe create an experience for them. If you want to move a bit further along, maybe if you want to go for a slightly larger event, maybe you invite leads as well. Maybe you invite other VIP guests. Think about other authorities in the industry and get them to come along and invite them. Maybe it’s colleagues, friends, family.

where makes senseIf it’s the first workshop that you run, get your Mum to come in, sit down, just so someone is in the room. Get your brother, get your sister, do whatever. That way you’ve got a deadline, you know someone is going to turn up, you have to create the content. For video, for all intents and purposes, it’s just backs of head anyway. They’re not going to know it’s your Mum’s head. Just do whatever you can for the first one to get some people in there. Then also think about authorities, that’s the other thing as well. Inviting the right guests is important and also partners as we talked about, if you’re going to get someone to speak.

Always think of your attendees, the manner of presentation, and the vibe you that you want to project when choosing the location for your workshop. Visit Authority Content for more helpful tips when planning a workshop.

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