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What is the best way to deliver an information product to you consumers? Physical or Digital? Watch this video as David Jenyns shares the advantages of going digital when launching a product.

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Video Transcript:
deliver itNow we need to think about how we’re actually going to deliver it. Do we go digital or do we go physical? I think we already talked a little bit about that. My suggestion for the first time is go digital.

First timeThe one on the right there is the Asteron Life thing that time Reid did. They actually turned it into a little digital area where you can go and consume the information. I think that’s a better way to go to start. If it’s your first time, you can make it really simple. This is all about how can we make the first one as simple as possible because I want you to run the workshop, I want you to get proof of concept, I want you to believe in this. Then you might go back and do it in much greater detail. But because there are a lot of steps, I want to make it as easy as possible for the first time so you get the result. Even if you do this badly, and you go all the way through, you’ll still get a really good result from this. I know it works really well.

transactionsThen you start to refine it. We run some pretty good events now. I know I’m probably a little bit biased but those are good looking workbooks, you get little snacks and a good group of people. It just evolves over time as you start to run these. So if it’s your first time, make it easy. You might upload the video to Wistia, or some sort of private video site. That’s how we host it. There is Wistia, Vimeo, Vidler, lots to choose from.

Very easily you can go to your tech person and get them to set up a page if you’ve got a WordPress blog for your website. Just have it password protected. Make it really easy for yourself. Use something like Magento or something where you can have a private blog in area, that’s fine. Have all of the content on one page.

aim of the gameThen don’t add anything new into here. If you’ve already got a shopping cart set up, use PayPal if you don’t have anything. ‘Send me this money and then I will send you the links to download.’ If you’re using WooCommerce or Magento, just use whatever you’ve got, password protect it. When they download it, in the receipt email, just say ‘your order is processed manually. You will be emailed the download links in twenty-four hours or forty-eight hours.’ That way, it’s just me stripping all those things you think you have to do to try to get something to market and making it as easy as possible, just to get something up. The aim of the game is just to get that minimum viable product up and running, that MVP.

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