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In order to have your website viewed favourably by Google and also engage your
visitors, you need to make sure certain things are in place. They include displaying case
studies and reviews, maintaining your website, growing your body of work and
incorporating video.

Read on to find out how you can build a better website.

build a better website

Make it easy for your clients to know you.

Display case studies and reviews

You need to display case studies and reviews. Google suggests that its quality raters go
out there and look for customer reviews in ascertaining the reputation of an individual
or a business. They’re looking for this sort of information. So where you can, encourage
your clients who have had a great experience with you to document and talk about the
experience they’ve had with you.

Display reviews on your website and make sure that you share them around the internet
as well, wherever there are relevant review type websites for your industry. If you’re in
travel or food for example, you should look to encouraging clients to post on
TripAdvisor and Urbanspoon and sites like that.

Regularly maintain your site

An important point is the idea of a regularly maintained site. Google has identified
abandoned websites or pages that look spammy. If a website is not maintained and
updated and is let go stale, it will start to drift down in the search engines. Google wants
to see something that is being cared for and maintained and updated.

Grow your body of work

Have a growing body of work. It’s not that you need to have a certain number of pages
that get added to your website. Google identifies that not all websites are growing by
the same amount. Some websites and some industries and some topics call for more
frequent information. So if you’re a news related website obviously you should be
adding regular content. But other websites may grow a little bit more slowly.

That said, every new page is a chance to go after another keyword. You want to have a
process in place to make sure your website is constantly growing. It is absolutely key to
have a content strategy. If you don’t have a content strategy in place, you really don’t
have an SEO process in place. They go hand in hand.

Every page must be useful. This is one of the core elements that flow through Google’s
recently released Quality Guidelines document. The concepts of expertise,
authoritativeness and trustworthiness they outline are crucial. Another big theme is that
of the main content, called MC for short. It’s important that the main content is of high
quality and really helps to answer people’s questions. It must be useful.

If you’ve got any sort of doorway pages on your website or pages that have thin or
duplicate content, those will actually be doing you harm. You want to start to remove
that sort of information from your website.

Exploit the value of video

We’re seeing a high correlation between websites that are ranking high and websites
that have video. Video content at the moment is very low hanging fruit. If you can
incorporate video into your website, you’ll find not only does it keep people more engaged on your website, which is a great quality signal in itself, but you can also use it to drive traffic through YouTube. If you haven’t got video as part of this growing body of ongoing content for your website, you need to start to put it in. It’s still that low
hanging fruit right now.

Enhance your website

By getting glowing reviews from satisfied customers and displaying these, by regularly
maintaining your site, growing your body of work by adding new content and by using
video whenever possible, you will be significantly improving your website. Your traffic
will grow, visitors will stay longer on your site, and your business will go ahead in
leaps and bounds. It will be well worth the effort you take.

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