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Avoid blatant advertorial contents. The focus should be how you can help your target client and not rush them into making a purchase. Watch David Jenyns as he explains the four steps on how to create the best content marketing strategy.

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Video Transcript: Four StepsFirstly we need to think about what to present, who we’re going to present to, where it will be presented and who and how we’re actually going to promote it. I’m going to take you through these four steps. You’ve got the workbook as well because I want to make sure this is interactive and you lock it down as we go.

What to presentThe first thing you need to think about is what to present. Firstly, think about helpful, evergreen, shareable, relevant content to your target market. Part of that has to do with understanding who your target market is. That is the most important thing in marketing. You need to drift out of your mind and then move over into your target market’s mind, drift down into their mind and think about, what is that they’re feeling? What are some of the issues and hurdles that they’re coming up against? What would be relevant and interesting to them? That’s the place you want to think about when thinking about what information to create.

What is important to themThe way that I like to do it is, I’ll swim just a little bit further upstream. I’ll have a think about what is it that they’re looking for just prior to them becoming my client? You might even start to get some ideas thinking about who is your ideal client and how do we attract them? If you imagine this content that we’re creating is almost like bait to catch the right fish. That’s why it’s so important to get this right upfront. Because it becomes the centerpiece and it’s what attracts the target market to you, it’s key that you put the right bait on the hook, otherwise you’ll catch the wrong fish. If the content that we’re creating is the bait, we need to make sure that content is well matched to the person we want to attract in to the business.

Good IdeasA few of you filled out the questionnaire beforehand. We got you to say whether or not you were comfortable about me talking about some of your businesses. Here are some good ideas about what you could create some content around. You could educate clients on how to use your products and services and answer frequently asked questions. If you’re an ecommerce style site or something like that, create a helpful guide or a helpful bit of content around that space and as you do it, introduce your products and services. Also, interweave frequently asked questions into the content that is delivered on the day.

For example, J&B Plumbing, who is that client that I was talking about a little bit earlier, we are doing some videos for him where we’re talking about how do we unblock a drain? What are some helpful tips for emergency unblocking of drains? If you still get stuck and this doesn’t solve your problem, pick up the phone and I’ll come out and fix it for you.

Also you can think about educating around a particular topic. Perhaps you’re in a particular industry that is big, like Stacey who is in the nappy industry, which is all around babies. You could create helpful content around having a child. What are all of the things that are most important for a new mother to know? You can start creating content around that space. Obviously you build in about nappies and things like that as well. Think about what space you are in and then build around that.

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