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Why do you think your company should create a digital information product? There are many ways to use it and it brings a lot of possibilities to your marketing campaigns. If you are not convinced yet, watch this video as David Jenyns explains why all businesses should create digital information productions.

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Video Transcript: Why do you think I think we should create a product? Similar to my asking you in the last session why present, what are some of the reasons and I only gave you a couple here, but why do you think we should create a product?

Answer: Stop trading time for money. It adds a new profit stream potentially into your business as well, especially if you’re in a service based business.

Answer: So you can sell or give away as a bonus. Imagine someone buying your products and service and then you bonus this in and say, here’s a helpful guide on how to consume more of my product, or how to correctly use my product. You might not use that marketing, but you get the idea reading between the lines.

David: The key here is, by creating a product, you make yourself useful. We can make the content valuable as well by adding a price on it. It’s not just another bit of information. We’re going to edit it anyway. In the promotion phase, we’re going to take this, chop it up into pieces and share it out. So you’re already eighty percent of the way there. You might as well just turn it into a product even if you don’t end up actually selling it.

create productThe other thing as well for those of you who don’t do information products, information products are some of the best products you can actually have within your business. The delivery cost on them, especially if they’re digital is next to nothing. The actual value in it is the IP. It’s a great, competitive advantage when you think about other businesses in your space. What this does, if you’re selling something that you have very high margin on, it just gives you that extra wiggle room. Selling information products can actually be a great competitive advantage. They can become great up sells, they can be great cross sells, you can use them as down sells as well.

Like I said with SEO Services, I basically say if you can’t afford me, then here’s the home study version. You can also use it for bonusing as well.

Creating digital information products would be a great investment for your company. They don’t easily depreciate in value and can even be a great add-ons to your other products. Visit Authority Content to learn how you can use this for your business.

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