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Every prudent businessman must collect email addresses of his clients and potential clients. It is proper when you are doing online marketing. Watch this video of Ed Dale explaining the importance of email marketing in 2015.

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Video Transcript:

Question: I have a lot of people on facebook who connect with me through my work as a photographer. To let them know about programs I do, how do I do that on facebook?

Ed Dale: Are they already a member of a group? Are they on your facebook page?

Question: They’re on my personal one, they make comments on the photographs I’ve done.

Ed Dale: Do you have an email address?

Question: Not as this stage.

Ed Dale: Let me say this, if you are an online business and you’re not collecting email addresses, I believe the technical term is you are insane. Thank you for asking the question. It’s true. You’re not alone. We did a product thing just recently. I was speaking to Magcasters who were getting hundreds of downloads a day. I said, your email list must be growing. They said, no, we’re not doing email.

As much as I love the future of push notifications and text messages and all those things which are all going to be important down the track, emails are everything. Now we’ve got to be really smart with them as well. Did you know for example if you created an app with your photos in it, you did a Magcast on photography, every single person who downloads that app with Magcast, you can now build a list in facebook? You can build a list saying, I want to market to everybody who has downloaded my app. You can do that now. That is so cool.

Email marketing and Facebook marketing is a great opportunity to connect with clients and offer them your products. Authority Content Marketing System can help you kick start your email marketing campaign now.

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