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Do you keep an email database of your clients? Good. Every good businessman must have one because it is one of your most important assets. Watch this video as David Jenyns explains the email marketing best practices.

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Video Transcript: Then we need to add emails into the mix. Who has an email database? Ed said it a little bit earlier, so lots of you do have one. How often do you mail that? Who mails it once a week, once a fortnight and once a month? Ok. I think having ongoing regular dialogue is a very good idea.

Customer databaseThe most important asset you have in your business is your customer list, your database. If you think about it, if everything else died tomorrow, as far as traffic and lead generation sources are concerned, if I could keep one thing, it would be my customer database. Then I could get back in contact with them and I could probably very quickly rebuild my business. So the customer database is the most important thing you’ve got.

As you’re sharing all this content out across the web, we’re using it as a way to drive people back to our website to get them onto our list so that we can have another conversation with them, a more intimate, ongoing conversation with them. I’ll be trying to send them relevant, useful content. I’m not always pitching, pitching in the emails that I send out. There is good, useful content in there as well.

steps email marketingYou need to be emailing your prospects I think at least weekly. It might vary. Some people are doing some cool things that I’ve seen, where at the bottom of their emails they’ll say, would you prefer to get an email from me weekly or monthly? If you click on monthly, it will put you into a different bucket, a different list. That way you only get an email, a summary, every month. That’s cool if you can segment down to that level. But if you’re not mailing at all, I think you should be. Then mail relevant, useful content.

Pick the videos that are getting the best engagement for you, that’s a real key. Once we start putting all of this content out there, monitor and see which videos are really performing for you. That is the material that you want to email your list about. Particularly with YouTube and things like that, the number of views you get in the first thirty days has a strong impact on how that video ranks. If you can identify the things that are doing really well and then mail your database about it, you’ll get a spike in views on that specific video. Again, you’re watering the areas of the garden that are already growing really well.

Email marketing is important. With email, obviously you want to point them back. Sometimes I’ll point them straight to YouTube. Sometimes I’ll point them down to the blog, I’ll mix it up and I’ll give them good, relevant content.

Repost emailI try to repurpose everything. So if I’m sending out an email, I’ll also take the email and post it on my blog. It’s good, unique content.

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