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Always protect your intellectual property rights over your contents and products. To be able to do that you have to be aware of video and audio branding. Watch this video clip of Steve Ovens as he shares tips on how to brand your video and audio content.

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Video Transcript: We take our raw video and add a watermark to it, and put an intro at the front of it and an outro at the end.

Video BrandingThat outro is probably a call to action: hey, if you like this, come back and visit our blog or like us on facebook or something like that. Or, for a free copy of the report, come and sign in here. If you want to get really fancy, you can put a lower third on there. You will have seen this on the news. You see the reporters and they’re standing there: ‘Peter Harvey, Canberra’ comes across the bottom, so you know who it is.

audio brandingWith audio, we can take the audio out of the video, that’s a great start. When we brand our audio, we’re going to do that with really an intro, pre roll and an outro. Who here listens to podcasts? I’m actually not much of a podcaster myself, but lots of people like them. With a podcast you’ll quite often hear, the show will have a very consistent intro when you’re listening to it. It always has that consistent intro. The outro again, is probably a call to action: come visit our site, come and see us on preneurmarketing.tv.

Where do you get the watermark, where do you get the intros and outros from? Some resources that hopefully will be helpful, maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. You’ve probably got a logo, but if you need one, 99designs.com is a great way to get one. You run a competition and all these designers will compete to create a logo for you. They do really good work.

online branding resourcesFor video there are a couple of sites that I really like. One is Splashio. Splashio are specialists at creating intros and outros and lower thirds. A typical Splashio file looks something like this. This is one for Media Masher. We just gave them our logo and picked a template that we liked the look of. We said, yes, something like that, that would be cool. It was really easy for us to do that, I think it cost $47. It wasn’t expensive. They’ll do a whole pack as well. Splashio is really good and easy and it comes back in a format you can use straight away.

Another one is videohive.net. What VideoHive give you is a template for use in Adobe After Effects. It is a little bit more of a technical site. They give you a template like this. But it is in an After Effects format. To use that, you really need someone who knows how to drive After Effects and can insert your logo into the template that they’ve given you. Or you can pay somebody on VideoHive to do it. Often the author of the template will do it.

Question: You just send them an email and usually they will say $10.

Steve: If you’ve got a podcast or you need an audio intro or outro, Music Radio Creative can help. Entrepreneur on Fire is one of the podcasts they do the intro for. You can use a guy on Fiverr. He did Pete’s one and it is fantastic. So you certainly can get things done on Fiverr as well.

When creating and sharing quality contents, your goal is to spread information. However, you also want to get credit for it. Learn the importance of branding your products and contents with Authority Content.

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