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Are you contemplating on running your first ever workshop? It’s never easy, especially if it is your first time. Not everybody is comfortable with speaking in front of people. Watch serial entrepreneur David Jenyns as he provides tips on facilitating workshops.

If you are preparing for your workshop, there are a few top things you should do. Find out how to prepare for a workshop from Authority Content, feel free to leave your comments below.

Video Transcript: This is what I was doing in the preparation that led up to this workshop. I get lots of hand scribbled notes. I’ve been working on this for months and then we formalize it and bring it onto slides.

OutlineI create an outline first. So think about what workshop you’re going to run and create an outline, just so you get ballpark, what the bare bones are going to look like. Then you drill down and start to put bullet points underneath those. What are the key bits that you want to cover? Finally I move it into slides where I add pictures, tighten it up, refine the thinking and make sure it’s in the right order.

Now we’ve talked a little bit about that idea of running a workshop and some ideas are bouncing around in your head right now about what topics you could cover in a workshop. I’ll get you to spend just a few minutes writing those down. There is a spot in the workbook: what will you present? What are some topics? Think about getting into the head of your target market. Think about what is relevant to them and what information you might be able to create for them. What are you going to present on? Write down all the ideas. What is going to relevant and useful?Topic

Turn to the person next to you and have a quick share about what it is that you’d run your workshop on.

So we’ve got the first one under wraps now, thinking about what type of content that you’re going to create. We need to think about who is going to present. I’m going to recommend that you do it, because it will get you in that uncomfortable situation. If I take you back to that time where I was shaking like a leaf in the room as we were about to do the first Metastock seminar, that was one of those defining moments, a critical turning point. If you haven’t presented, I would suggest that you do it, especially if you’re the subject matter.

Who presentsIf you’re a larger organization and you’ve got a bigger business, sometimes you have a spokesperson. Maybe you want to find a celebrity in the space, someone who is an expert or someone you can bring in and bring some of their authority with them. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to do it the first time but it ends up really being worth it.

Running a workshop can bring your business a lot of benefits. However, it involves a lot of preparation and planning. Authority Content can help make sure to get it right the first time.

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