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Winning attention of potential clients, getting engagement from them, and building their trust towards you. These are the three online marketing challenges that one must overcome. In this video, David Jenyns further explores these concepts.

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Video Transcript: Today it’s all about updating our marketing brain. So what are the three biggest hurdles? I talked about them. The three biggest hurdles you have to overcome are attention, engagement and trust. Obviously you hop on, train, you try to get in contact with friends.

Online marketing challengesI don’t know if it’s the stage in my life or not, but even my friends are getting less responsive. We went to school with them and we hung out and we did loads of things. Even now, it will take them forever to get back to a text message. They’re really good friends. Imagine the people you haven’t got that with. You’re not even a blip on their radar.

I used to say the biggest hurdle was trust, it’s now attention. How do we get attention? Once we’ve got attention, we need to engage them. It’s not enough to get their attention by putting a spammy piece of content up. Once I get there, I’m going to hit it and I’m going to bounce off because it didn’t help me. I now need to engage them as well. I need to give good, relevant, useful, helpful content very quickly.

TrustThen the biggest one which I talked about in the past is trust. Trust is something you need to build up. You do that by, over time, being consistent and always adding value and going above and beyond.

We’re not alone with this idea of getting the trust and the attention and engagement, specifically with trust. Google is finding it really hard to know who to trust. There is so much content out there on the web that that is what all these algorithm updates are about. How do they know which websites to serve up? How can they trust that is not going to send their user somewhere else?

who to trustIf we remember, Google’s objective is to give the best and most relevant content. They know if they do that, people will keep coming back. If they keep coming back, Google can sell ads around the space. That’s the aim of the game for them. Give them really good, relevant, useful content. Get them the answer to their question in the smallest possible number of clicks. That’s what they’re doing. But now they’re finding it really hard and that’s why these updates are happening.

eric schmidtThis is very new, in February, just a few months ago now, this is a very telling tale from Eric Schmidt. I’ll read it word for word because it is so important for where things are going. ‘Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top verified results.’

online profileHere we go, here’s the kicker. ‘The true cost of remaining anonymous then might be irrelevance. Even the most fascinating content, if tied to an anonymous profile, simply won’t be seen because of its excessively low ranking.’ That’s come out in a book Eric Schmidt is releasing.

You need authorityWhat that basically says is, if you’re not an authority, if you haven’t built up a following, if you’re not an expert, if you don’t have that behind you, Google will consider your information irrelevant. It doesn’t know who to trust, so that’s why these algorithms and updates are happening.

This is still early days. I’m future pacing things for you so we can make sure we’re skating to where the puck is going to be and we don’t head off some rabbit hole trying to say, how do we punch out another thousand spammy back links? You should think about where things are going.

That is that light bulb moment. You’ve had it. You need to be a relevant, useful, helpful business. You need to create an online profile, whether it’s for you specifically or your business. Your business needs a profile as well. More than that, and this is really what today is all about, you need to be an authority. You need to be the go-to guy in your space.

definition of authorityIf you think about industry leaders and experts, they just get so many good things that happen to them. It’s like they’re magnetized. Everything gets infinitely easier once you get past a critical mass. We’ll talk about how do we build ourselves up as an authority quickly? How do we get to that place so we can get to have some of those effects that Tim was talking about? It’s where people just pick up the phone and say, I feel like I already know you. I want to book you. He got paid very well to do that Asteron Life tour. You will just start attracting money to you by heading down this path. It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it.

The definition of an authority is the power to influence others, especially because of one’s commanding manner or one’s recognized knowledge about something. So you want to build up the recognized knowledge about something. Whether it’s you or your business, you need to have that information. Then you’ll start to magnetize people toward you. You’ll get the attention, you’ll get engagement and you’ll get trust.

get attention engagement and trustThere are some emails that you probably do open when they come through. But if someone continually abuses your email and keeps sending you rubbish, over time you filter them out, you put them in the spam box, you unsubscribe. But there are a few of you who still subscribe to my email list because I’m not pitching every single email that I send out.

I sit there and I read a lot of news items every single week, summarize the best and most important ones. Then I email them out each week. I haven’t done any in the last couple of weeks because I’ve been preparing for this workshop. But every week I’ll be emailing out what I think is most relevant and useful. That gets people opening my emails. I get so many people who say, I saw that link that you mentioned or I saw that.

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