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Want to know an easy way to increase the exposure of your product outside your market? One strategy is through product bundling. Partner up with another person and offer your product as a bonus to his own. Watch this video as David Jenyns talks about how to effectively market your product.

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Video Transcript: Another thing you can think about is who would benefit from having your product as a bonus to their particular products or services as well?

bonusThat’s another really great idea. You might bonus your product into what someone else sells. That right there is a Ninja one. I did this for the Ultimate Trading Systems. The Ultimate Trading Systems trading book is that framework book I was talking about. At the end of each chapter I have a call to action to go buy one of my products and services. I found people who already had my target market. I went to them and said, do you want to include my Ultimate Trading Systems as a bonus in your product? So every product they sell to their best clients now gets exposure to me.

A few of these are a little bit more advanced, but the way that I work, is a little bit like drinking from a fire hose. I’ll just go for it and it sinks into your subconscious. You might not recognize it now, but they’ll be a time later on, maybe a month, two months, a year, you’ll be sitting down and about to do something. You will have created the product and you’ll think, Dave had this really good idea. I remember now. I’m going to make sure that I bundle this in with someone else’s product. So it’s all going in.

launchingOf course if you want to level this whole process up, you can read the book I talked about. Jeff Walker has his book called Launch which goes through the art and science of launching

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