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Your business can be profitable like a Hollywood movie.

Your online business can always be made more powerful and be more attractive to potential clients. The following points if applied to your business will help you achieve this. Think about working with authorities in your space, build a list, create products to educate, think about authoring a book and aim to be consistent. These are the ways on having a profitable online business.

Work with authorities

Start to think about how you could work with authorities in your space. One of the quickest ways that you can build up your authority is to get a little bit of the authority rub off from other experts in your industry and in your space. Try and identify who those experts are and see how you can align yourself with them. See how you can work with them, see how you can help them, how you can get your content on their website. That enables Google to then start to have some of this trust start to filter over from their website through to you.

Build a list

You want to think about building a list. The most important asset in any business ends up being your database. Have a list of past clients and also prospects. If you haven’t already, you need to start to get some sort of name capture on your website that gives someone a reason to opt in. It’s not enough to say, opt in for this free newsletter or sign up to my free report. Really give them something of value that’s going to encourage them to want to opt in. Then you can continue to have an ongoing discussion with them and a dialogue.

Once you do that, you set yourself up and start to Google proof yourself. Regardless of what ends up happening, you still have a way to communicate with people who want to buy your products and services.

Create products to educate

You want to look to create products to educate. This is where you need to be, it is not optional. You need to start creating valuable content. It’s this idea of helpful content that your target market is looking for.

This is what Google tries to do. Google tries to serve up the best and most relevant information that helps answer people’s questions and queries when they come to Google. So if you can create content that helps to answer those questions, you’re giving Google what they want and what they can then pass onto their users as well.

By creating products, it’s a way for you to position yourself as the expert. Then you can take that content and chop it up into pieces and syndicate it around the web.

Author a book

publish a bookConsider authoring a book. Writing a book is one of the quickest ways to be recognized as an expert and a leader in your industry. So if you’re creating products, you might as well take that and repurpose it into a book.

Expertise and leadership come in to play here. Although Google doesn’t necessarily have a way to measure this right now, there are side benefits that come from doing this.

If you write a book and then you start to get some coverage and some press and get the word out, obviously that is going to help raise your authority in Google’s eyes. It’s not necessarily the act of publishing the book, but all of the by products that happen from it.

Play the long game

Make sure you’re playing the long game. SEO has changed and it does take more work to get good results. You need to be consistent. That’s really what your clients and prospects are looking for. When someone is thinking about doing business with you, they want to make sure you’re in it for the long haul and you’ve got their best interests at heart. They want to see you’ve been consistently delivering over time.

That’s what Google wants, that’s what your clients want, so you want to come up with a process where you can consistently deliver. If you don’t, Google will consider you irrelevant. They’ll stop giving you traffic and visibility because you’re not following their basic guidelines. They’re giving it to us on a silver platter and saying, if you follow these guidelines, you’re going to be giving us what we want. We know that you’re not a fly-by-night and we’re going to reward you with these good rankings.

Put it all together

Any online business will benefit from following these points. To get some authority to rub off on you, work with other experts; guard and build your list; create instructional products; author a book to enhance your reputation and play the long game, not trusting to shortcuts. An online business built on solid foundations like these will be the business that survives and thrives.

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