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Why would it be beneficial for your business to conduct a workshop? The answer – a workshop puts you in a position to build authority. Watch David Jenyns as he explains why workshops are a good thing.

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Video Transcript: That’s when we came up with this idea which needs to be for SEO clients and really it’s for everybody. It has to be quick, easy and done for them. How can we batch it? We know that this content has to be created, so how do we make it as easy as possible?

small workshopI do it through running small workshops. It is the idea of running an event with your best clients to create helpful and relevant content. Take the word ‘workshop’ and replace it with whatever you like to make it more understandable. It’s not really a workshop, it’s just getting your best clients or prospects together and giving them information. We’ll talk about what information to create, but think what is it that they’re consuming just prior to them becoming our client? Create that type of content, batch it in a workshop and then you create a whole bunch of very rich content in a short space of time.

I find doing the workshop ticks the most authority content boxes. Those authority assets that I talked about over there on the white board, we can actually tick a whole bunch of them all in one go. We demonstrate an authority because we’re teaching, we’re getting helpful, relevant content. You can collect testimonials, you collect photos. There is lots of material you can get that when you feed it back in to the website, helps to elevate it. That’s why it ends up being the most effective.

Just to get a bit of an idea, why do people think, I’ve given you a few ideas, why I would run workshops or why you should think about running a workshop?

Answer: Accountability, because you have to run it because people are going to be coming. You get the group mind. You get amazing insights when you get the group mind, especially if it’s full of your best clients and your target market. If you’re getting all of your best clients together, and then you’re creating useful and relevant content for them, you’re going to be attracting the right people into your business.

Answer: Authority, it helps build your authority. Leverage, maximum leverage. You can do so much in a very short space of time. You take it, chop it up into little bits and then end up syndicating it out across the web, so it works incredibly well.

Answer: Testimonials, getting the feedback, there is a whole boatload.

David: With a lot of my slides I use lots of pictures. But this one, to make the point about how much we can actually get from running a workshop, I’ve listed them all. You get that authority positioning, you’ve got the positive constraint, it’s very cost effective, video duplicates you. So you can take your best content and repurpose it multiple ways. The content seed becomes the video. So we take that video and then we split it out. How do we turn that into articles, how do we load that into extra videos, how do we take those and post them over on social sharing sites? It is good quality, helpful information that pre sells your business.

why workshopIt increases your traffic, it increases your conversion as well. Conversion gets bumped up because people get to the website and they answer all of their questions. When they pick up the phone they’re not calling up to ask you a question, they’re calling up to ask when can I get started? What do I have to do? You’re doing that pre selling upfront. It creates buzz, an experience. That’s how you break through the noise with attention and engagement. Creating live events in an online world, this sort of material is gold.

You can create a bit of a buzz. I know a few of you have already started tweeting and facebooking and a few of you will probably even do a little bit more as the day progresses. It creates a buzz that then gets shared around. We take that as well, our videos from today and Melissa will be replying to different responses, to people who go that hashtag. We’ll take photos and post them. It creates a buzz. So all of the people who didn’t come today will say, wow, that looks like it’s fun and exciting. What am I doing? I’m pre selling them now for them to watch out when we do release it and it does become a product or when we do start releasing that video content. So having that buzz is really good.

If you take your best clients and bring them in, and help them, you can turn them into raving fans. You’re giving them an experience over and above. Make it a competition.

Maybe you can’t buy your way into that particular workshop or event. Maybe you just take your ten best customers and get them on board and turn them into raving fans. Then let them be your advocates.

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