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Let your business activities be reflected to your social media pages and attract more clients to your business. Watch this video of Ed Dale how to use social media to win your niche.

Almost everybody is on social media nowadays. This is a new avenue for businesses to reach out to their target market. Find out how Authority Content can help you with social media marketing.

Video Transcript: So the ability for you to build up influence in a niche is not about being an expert, it’s about being an enthusiast and about being excited about your niche. That to me is the most crucial part of it because by asking questions of the experts, you’re imparting that excitement. One thing Dave said that I thought was so important was your capacity to bring people together to present experts in your particular niche is awesome. That rubs off on you.

In the old, old days when I was selling Apple Macs, I hated cold calling. I would do anything to avoid it. I would much rather, and this is what I did, Apple used to have a little exhibition space and I’d just get developers to come in. So if you’re in a physical goods area, get your suppliers to come in and show their latest awesome material at your workshop. You don’t have to do anything. You just have to say hi, I’m here, thanks, welcome. Thanks for coming, please turn your mobile phones off. You can all do that. Then say, here’s Freddy Blogs showing you the latest in clotheslines. Don’t laugh about clotheslines. It’s very serious business, everybody needs one, or a dryer.

Are you able to provide experiences in your niche? Let me rephrase that. You must provide experiences in your niche if you want to survive. It’s physics, business A and business B. They charge exactly the same price, services, everything is the same. There is one difference. Business A is active on social media, you saw them speak at a conference. They might have a book out, they do webinars, they do everything else. Business B, nothing, you haven’t heard of them. Who are you going to buy from, business A or business B?

If you’re business B in your niche, you’re in trouble, you’re out of business. So you have to do something. What it is about facebook and about all of these amazing things is that they all revolve around people instead of markets. That’s the future. Of course it revolves around people not markets. For the last hundred years of advertising, the only way we could advertise to people was via markets. We couldn’t advertise to individuals, but now we can.

The latest facebook development is insane. Have you heard about the custom group thing with facebook? Who has a client email list, a database? You can take that email list, upload it to facebook and facebook will match that with their facebook profile. You can create a custom ad that will only show up to the people on the email list. It’s exciting. But wait, as the classic salesman said, there’s more. It’s an app based world now. You can do tracking back to your web page and you can send them back to a web page but now, they only announced this last week, you can take that same list and you can send them back to a specific place in an app.

So if you’ve got an article on coffee growing, and you have a list of people who have expressed interest in that coffee growing and you’re going to do a tour for example, you can now upload that email list into facebook. You can send them to the direct article inside the magazine inside the app of an article about that tour. Has any part of this process felt like selling? No, it’s not. It’s cool, that coffee magazine that I’m a subscriber to has just done an article on a place that I’ve really wanted to go to. It’s so intuitive, how cool are they? This is where we’re going, it’s amazing.

At the end of that article, guess what happens? Up pops hey, guess what? You wouldn’t believe it, coincidence of coincidences, we’ve got a tour and we’re doing a special webinar to tell you all about it. Sign up here, click the button. Then they go onto another list, the tour interested list. It’s pretty phenomenal, and even that’s just scratching the surface of what’s going on.

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