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Marketing nowadays in not just simply putting your product out there and waiting for people to notice. You need to make your products market-ready and enticing for your potential clients. You need to make sure that you “edit it”, “package it”, “deliver it”, and “sell it”.

In this video David Jenyns, talks about product creation and the first two steps of creating a product, namely “Edit it” and “Package it”.

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Video Transcript: Let’s just pretend for the moment, sometimes if someone still hasn’t made that step, I can already see people are now thinking, I can see the value in a workshop. They trusted me that last time I said trust me and follow me. If you’re still not quite sure, let’s just pretend that you are going to put a price on it. Let’s pretend you’re going to create an actual product. I’ll take you through four steps to creating a product. We need to make sure we edit it, package it, deliver it and sell it.

The first one is we need to edit it. If you ran an event and you ended up selling tickets, there’s a very good chance that it could cash flow itself, which is fantastic. There is no out of pocket. This whole system self funds itself all the way through, not to mention all the other things that come out of this that we haven’t talked about. Selling tickets is half if it but some of my leads are here, people who are going to do business with me. I’m going to get business out of that way as well so there are a whole lot extra benefits that are going to come from it.


You want to edit it. I suggest you don’t do the editing. You want to get an editor, someone to do it on your behalf. Some people go down the rabbit hole of thinking they have to edit it, but it costs you more time and money than you could imagine. It’s just much better to get someone else to do it. Steve Ovens, who will be talking a little bit later today, will talk about some of the ways you can automate some of this process. There are a few ways you can automate editing and chopping it up into bits and getting it loaded onto the web.

Really though, with an editor, all you need to tell them is what the output is. You want all of the core content. The actual raw footage from the workshop that we’re running today, that is the first thing you want to get from the editor. You want to get them to put it all together and have it nicely edited. You want to have all your testimonials edited as well. Then you also want them to get the best bit snippets. I like to get them, as they’re watching it and editing it, to try and identify little chunks that we can use as part of the promotion to start seeding it out.

Then you just tell them we want to encode it for the web. You might send out a physical product, you might turn it into DVDs but I’m suggesting that for the first time, you make it easy on yourself. So go digital for the first time because adding in physical adds a whole new layer of now you’ve got to get covers and things for the DVDs and graphics done. You’ve got to find a printer and then you’ve got to get it mailed out. So just go for digital just to start.

The second step is to package it. Starting off, we have to think about what are the different ingredients that are going to go into this.

ac2 We’ve got all of that raw footage. People consume information in different ways. Some people like audio, some people like watching video, some people prefer reading. Everybody has got their own different way. What I would do is take the information and try and split it out as best as you can. Whether it’s to the editor or not, the video editor can probably do your audios. Break it out as mp3s so you’ve got the mp3s. I get my Mum to transcribe everything that I do. You should get it transcribed. In fact Mum’s listening to this right now and she will be transcribing this later, so can we all say Hi Mum. She’ll love that. You want make sure that you get it transcribed.

Then you might also get the slides and the workbook if you had it. Basically you’re getting all of the ingredients together of what it is that you have that you’re going to be actually packaging up.

You can then ask yourself as well, is this going to be a bonus that you add into a product or service that you already sell, or do you want to add additional bonuses in to this, if it’s actually going to be a product that you sell as stand alone? If it’s a product that you’re going to do stand alone, you might also bonus in some extra things. For example, we sell the home study courses on Melbourne SEO Services. A lot of those home study courses come with a gift card to actually get one of our ‘done for you’ type services. So someone will watch the video course, get to the end and say, wow, that’s a lot. I can see these guys are earning their money now. Now I’ve given them a gift voucher to say, ok, I’ll just get you to do it for me. So adding some sort of bonus like that can be a good idea as well.

Checklists and webinars and consults can be added. Maybe you build in a consult, that’s part of the thing they get. They buy the product and they have a consult with you. You can find out where they’re at and see is there any other way you can help them because they’re going to be a great client for you potentially. They’ve had a chat with you, they’ve consumed some of your information, found it useful and now they’ve having a consult.

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