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Are you one of those people who have a lot of great business ideas in mind but don’t know where to start? Thankfully Tim Reid, known as the man behind Australia’s #1 marketing podcast “Small Business Big Marketing” will be able to help! Here he explains the three limiting beliefs to avoid in order for your business to succeed.

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Video Transcript:  We live in exciting times. The changes we’re seeing in the marketing landscape are playing right into the hands of us, the small business owner.  The really exciting part of that, of the way we can go about marketing our business and the way I want to show you this morning is that it relies on the mountain of knowledge you’re standing on. There is nothing new to create here. It’s really exciting times. You’re standing on a mountain of knowledge, it’s time to share it.

I have identified three limiting beliefs that hold small business owners back. I want to spell out those limiting beliefs and I want you to leave them at the door. The reality is opportunity is now here. It really is, it’s exciting times. I’m here to say that at the start of the day. By the end of the day I really hope you believe that’s the case.


An open opportunity can be everywhere, you just need to push for it.

Number one, you think it’s gonna type an inordinate amount of time, time which you don’t have. Well yes it does take time you know there’s no such thing as a free lunch in your gonna spend lots of dough on say advertising or we gonna spend lots of time creating really effective marketing.

Second limiting belief it’s gonna cost a fortune. It’s got all this you know Fandango marketing, podcasts and having 10, 20, 30 videos on your virtual shelf it’s gonna cost a fortune. It’s not the case. You know again now I come from a background of Corporate Marketing 10 years in a large advertising agency. Marketing manager at flight center, I’ve seen what costs a fortune. The marketing that we can do today, the marketing that I do for my business it doesn’t cost a fortune and has an incredible and high-impact for very low cost.

The third limiting belief is that it’s complicated. People believe that all you know I like getting that YouTube channel started, getting a Podcast on iTunes, getting a blog put on your website is complicated. Again it’s not. I mean the creators have these tools, the software and the hardware you’re gonna find today, the user interfaces that are infinitely more friendly than they were five years ago.

This is about creating marketing the people need. That your customers need, not what your business wants and forever, all my 25 years in advertising and marketing, I have seen businesses create marketing they want.This is about creating marketing that people, your customers need. This concept push versus pull. Pull marketing is helpful. It pulls people towards you and helpful marketing is one way of creating that concept pull marketing like a moth to a flame.

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