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Are you wondering how you can share your infographics and slides to a wider audience? Any content marketing strategy will benefit from good content syndication.  Watch this video by David Jenyns as he explains the effective ways to syndicate contents.

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Video Transcript: It’s pretty simple, just take the slides that you’ve got, upload them to SlideShare and Docstoc.PDF & Slide Share marketing

They are the two main sites we use and they’ll just link back. That’s a case of it’s good content, relevant to the platform, I might as well put it there, it’s created. It will help boost a little bit of authority. If you google David Jenyns, my SlideShare account I think comes up on page number one or the top of page number two. So some of these secondary platforms can sometimes rank for your brand terms as well, depending how you set up the platform.

Slide share profileHere are a couple of examples. That is Slide Share, the transcript from The SEO Method 3.

Your final one is infographics. Infographics is a new area for us but we’re really starting to see some good results from it. We started doing it for different clients and getting some really good feedback. It takes sometimes very complex ideas, puts them into a visual format that can then be shared on the client’s website and then can also get shared on some of the different platforms. We’re getting quite a lot of people sharing them around. We have a great graphic artist.

Again, identify what your biggest ideas are or your biggest, most engaged pieces of content and create infographics around those. We created one around our process and the video processes and started sharing it out. We did that one for Susan Truffles, that went really well. It was an infographic about truffles and that got seen a couple of thousand times; it’s worked very well for us.

melbournevideoproduction infographicWhen you wrap it all together, it’s a great method. We’ve created some high quality content that we’ve now chopped up and syndicated out across the web. This is where I see SEO going. It does take a bit of work and that’s why I think you need someone on your team or someone who can help actually implement this. But this is what it takes to win online for SEO. It’s more than SEO though. That’s one of the reasons I really wanted to put a distinguishing factor in here to say, we’re building authority here. We’re actually putting out good, relevant, useful content, tailored to a specific platform. You’ll start driving traffic from all of these different things and we’re actually giving Google what they want.

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