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How do you recover from Google penalty? It is not enough to just remove the bad links from your backlink profile. You need to replace them with more good quality links and contents. That is when authority content can help you.

There are no shortcuts on how to recover from google penalty. To learn more on how Authority Content can help you, feel free to leave your comments below or contact us here.

Video Transcript: What was the update where they focused in on links? Penguin.

penguinThe first thing you need to do is you have to review your links now. I used to say, don’t worry about it.  Now you’ve got to monitor it. I’ve seen negative SEO happen. It’s alive and real, I think you should be monitoring your back link profile. Where you can, try to remove horrible links. If you’re getting site-wide links from very low quality sites, it’s probably worth contacting them. Be proactive about it. Even if you don’t have a manual penalty or anything applied, it’s just good practice to keep it as clean as you can.

Steve Ovens uses a tool called cognitiveSEO when we do some of our analysis on some of the larger sites. That’s probably worth thinking about. If you’ve got a penalty, that can be a big lead weight on your website. If it is a manual action and you received a love note as Steve calls it, inside you Webmaster Tools, so you got a love note from Google and they say we have taken manual action on your website for specific link spam, you need to go through the reconsideration request for that.

removalWe went through a process of thinking, with old SEO thinking, maybe we’ll just overcome it by doing more good quality links and more good quality content. You really do need to get them removed. Just removing it though isn’t enough. Effectively what you do is, it’s almost like you had these inflated rankings. You were doing all of this funky work with your SEO and you were ranking up here, number ten. You go through a reconsideration request. What do you do? You start off by removing your bad back links, documenting it and disavowing all of the other ones. Then you submit a reconsideration request through to Google.

When you go through that however, you won’t bounce back. Effectively what you’ve done is you’ve got inflated rankings for a particular keyword. You might be ranking here. Now you’ve removed all of those back links, you might go down now to page three or page four. You get your manual penalty lifted and you say, I got my manual penalty lifted. Why haven’t I bounced back to here? It’s because all of the links that were artificially inflating you to this point, you’re now not getting value for and you’ve removed them all. So you actually need to replace them. Once you go through this process, you need to go through authority content.

Recovering from any Google penalty is not an easy task to do. Removing horrible links is not the last step, but is only the beginning of the process. If you are not sure what to do next Authority Content can help you.

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