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As a marketer, how can you use the rapid development on mobiles devices to your advantage? If you are looking for answers, then you have come to the right place. Watch this video of Ed Dale explaining the power of app economy on mobile marketing.

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Video Transcript: The other huge trend is what I call the app economy. How awesome is it that you can download Candy Crush for absolutely free? I don’t know if you’ve played computer games like I do still extensively. I remember being depressed. I was sitting there on my Omega playing impossible Mission 3 back in the woolshed. I had to fire up the generator to make it work. It’s a true story, there was no power.

I remember getting depressed there. I was sitting there, I was fourteen, thinking, I’m going to grow up and I’m not going to be able to play computer games anymore. How devastating! Of course we all know that in history, not only did we grow up, but we all got disposable incomes. Of course now the computer games industry in terms of entertainment is one of the largest.

That’s not what I was going to say. The fact is that you used to pay $90 – $100 for a console game or a computer game. How much do you pay now? Because of the disruption smartphones created, the iPhone in particular, you can get amazing games for free or 99c. But this is not just games, of course. It goes right across the board. My day job is a thing called Magcast which is about delivering to niches. We’re now the largest independent publisher of magazines on the planet. We’ve got over a thousand publishers, with over 10,000,000 readers, with virtually no advertising spent. Why? We’re delivering the content on the smartphones and the tablets, not on websites.

You start a blog today and you spend no money on it, and you put an opt in on that blog today, start off. How many opt ins will you have at the end of the month? Did you tell your mother, because you might have one. At the App Store, the average Magcaster gets between fifty and a hundred downloads a day from natural traffic, just in the App Store. People are looking for, believe it or not, piano stool restoration. Did any of you know that piano stool restoration is a thing? Seventy-five people a day download and read Piano Stool Restoration magazine. They’re very serious about it. They make pot plants out of them and they do all sorts of cool things, game holders, it’s amazing. You should get into it.

Here’s the problem. Throughout history, the amount you can charge for goods or a service. Anyone with a commerce degree, please cover your ears as I mangle a particular tenet of economics. That is, that the cost of a service will gradually go down to its cost of delivery. That is my Ed Dale, Forrest Gump version of economics. Here’s the problem: how much does it cost you to deliver digital goods? Effectively nothing. So what happens? What you can charge for that goes down to nothing, or you can charge 99c or whatever.

How many of you are in the information marketing business? Quite a few of you, good. But this is absolutely relevant right across the board. What people now are paying for is they expect awesomeness and great design and great experience for nearly nothing when they’re downloading something digitally because we’re trained about that. In the old days, I remember Pete mentioned before the thud factor. We used to be taught, seriously, to make things ugly, so it is more underground. Do that today, release an ugly magazine on the iPhone and you’ll get no downloads. People say, what are you trying to do to me?

Our expectation, our taste level has increased and this is great. We’re evolving, there is a taste level that is involved with the delivery of information. I think it’s fantastic.

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