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Is SEO dead? The answer is-No, but it has changed, especially with the recent updates to Google’s algorithm! It has evolved into a more holistic discipline. Find out more about modern SEO for 2015 by watching this video of David Jenyns.

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Video Transcript: The way that I think about search engine optimization and what it means today is really about driving high quality organic ‘free’ traffic, and I put ‘free’ in inverted commas because it still takes time and it takes effort, it’s not really free. But you’re not paying per click, you’re doing it through creating content assets.

Modern SEOYou’re driving this traffic from a group of sites. Previously, when people thought about SEO, they were always thinking about the search engine results page. But I want to expand that slightly, not thinking just about Google. Really what search engine optimization is about Is optimizing our results in the search engine, whatever search engine it is.

There are a whole lot of search engines. YouTube is a search engine, local directories and review sites are different search engines. Other people’s websites could potentially be search engines. We want to optimize all of those different places. That’s really where you’re going to get the best results.

RIP seoSome of the strategies that I will talk about, people say, yes, but isn’t PR dead or isn’t guest posting dead? I heard Matt Cutts on his blog saying they’re taking aggressive targeted action on guest posts. Maybe I should stop doing it. When it’s done in a spammy, high scaled way, that’s what they’re targeting. That’s not to say, if you’re getting a good quality link with a useful piece of content on a good quality site, as a guest poster, I’m not going to turn that away. A lot of these strategies still work. You’re doing it for more than just SEO purposes, you’re doing it to get the traffic as well. That is ultimately what we’re doing, we’re getting in front of the right audience and then driving that traffic back. I want to start to expand our thought process about what we’re doing.
AC101Then there is the idea of authority content, which I talked about earlier. We’re all on the same page about what we’re doing. We’re creating this high quality content that we can syndicate out over a period of time. Some people when they hear this idea of authority content, think, oh, I want something to go viral, or it has to be a home run. As you’ve started to learn, building trust takes time. It’s about being consistent and making sure that you consistently put things out one after the other.

Occasionally you’re going to have a home run. This is a viral video we did just before Christmas for the life-sized Lego car that was powered by air. We played a really important part in getting that video done and launched. Occasionally when you put out really good quality content, you’re going to have a home run. That got 4,000,000 views in the space of a month and it was covered by a hundred and fifty media outlets and all those sorts of things. But I’m not expecting every piece of content that I create to go viral.

So it’s about putting consistent ones out and then you identify which are the bits that actually go well. You need to put all this content out and then you spot the hot spots. You say, that one is doing really well, that one is doing really well. Let’s create an infographic on this topic, let’s create a press release on this topic because you’ve put the initial seeds out. Then you spot which bits are starting to grow. Then you continue to water the areas that are in fertile ground.

best practicesThen basically once you create this quality content, then we still SEO it and follow best practice as well. So every piece of content that I’m going to talk about follows the same SEO rules. I’m not going to go through the super basics because you’ve all got access to The SEO Method 3. I talk about identifying a keyword, making sure you have one keyword matched to one piece of content. Then you make sure that keyword is in the title and description.

Regardless of what piece of content, if it’s a YouTube video, if it’s a post on your blog, all of that process still applies. Where you can, put it in there, but always think in the back of your head, user first. Don’t try and stuff or jam the keyword in there for the sake of it.

Modern SEO is about driving high quality organic traffic from the search results or from group of sites by following best practices. Find out more by visiting Authority Content.

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