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It is not enough that your site have great contents and tons of backlinks. You also need to make sure that Google can properly crawl your website. Watch this video as David Jenyns shares some tips on technical aspect optimization.

The technical aspect of your website is also as important as the other aspects. Be sure not to overlook the technical parts of your website. For more SEO tips, visit Authority Content. 

Video Transcript: The tech issues here that we’ve got, you need to jump inside Webmaster Tools. Google is getting very good now at communicating with you. If you don’t have Webmaster Tools, you really need to install it and get your website linked up. That is how Google will send you messages. If they’ve got an issue with your back link profile, if they’re having trouble crawling your website, if they’re having any issues it all gets fed though inside the Webmaster Tools. We also use SEOmoz. They’ve got a crawl tool as well that can spot issues.

Technical SEO auditThe things you want to look at, inside Webmaster Tools they’ll let you know and SEOmoz will let you know as well. They hate duplicate content. As part of Panda, they really don’t like onsite duplicate content. Offsite is not so much of an issue, but if it’s onsite, they flag it inside Webmaster Tools. Any crawl errors that you’ve got, sitemap issues are all under the technical side of things. I’ve spotted all the big, most regular problems that we cite though. That’s what’s here, these are the big rocks.

If you think about it, it works the same way as that points system that I was talking about for authority. Effectively you can use the same thought process. It’s the idea of imagine, here are all of the hundred and fifty or more different things Google is looking for. It’s giving you a little point or cross for each one. Then it’s adding them all up. In the usability section, it might give you a point seven or something like that. For your tech issues, it’s giving you a point three because you’ve got a really slow loading site and all of these issues. Then they multiply across.

Each of these points isn’t created equal either. Some of the issues that Google might find are bigger than other issues. They might say, a slow loading site is really big for us. So it might actually be worth two ticks as opposed to one tick. What you want to do, like going beyond a shadow of a doubt as you’re building trust, you want to go beyond a shadow of a doubt in Google’s eyes that you’ve got a good, strong website.

Part of the other frequently seen problems that we’ll see is a flat structure in your URLs. It’s good to go yourdomain.com/category/productname. Some people just have yourdomain.com/keyword. If you can, go category, particularly for larger sites, ecommerce based sites. It can be a little bit annoying if your website is already aged, it’s already out there, sometimes it’s a bit hard to try and change your URL structure.

SEO method 3It’s important to set up authorship as well and also some structured data. Again, you’ve got this in great detail by Steve Ovens. There is the checklist, there is the video, there is everything. That is a screenshot from The SEO Method 3.

SEO is more than just getting backlinks. You also need to make sure that all of the other aspects of your website are well optimized as well. Find out how Authority Content can help you.

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