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ways to improve your website

Always show the latest and the greatest version of your website.

There are a number of ways to improve your website. You need to make sure it is up to date, that you follow the best practices for onpage SEO, make sure your contact details are clear and visible, tell your story and demonstrate your authority. If you do all five, you are on the way to having an engaging and successful website.

Update your website

Step one, you need to make sure that you’ve got a professional, modern, up to date website. If you haven’t updated your website in the past three to four years, you really need to look to update your website. It needs to be mobile friendly so it loads quickly.

You need to make sure you’ve got a privacy policy set up on there. You must have no duplicate content and you need to use your Google Webmaster Tools account to make a thorough analysis. Make sure inside Google Webmaster Tools there aren’t any errors that haven’t been addressed, like 404 pages and duplicate content and so on.

I think it’s best to choose an up to date web design company. They should do a lot of this work as part of the basics. This is modern day website building practice. Google talks about it as a functional page design. They want to make sure that each page has a purpose and is well organized and well structured.

Check your onpage SEO

The next point is making sure that you follow best practice for your onpage SEO. Google identifies keyword stuffing as a big issue. If you’ve got some old school SEO and you’ve tried to really highly optimize for specific keywords, you need to fix that. Google has said ‘pages that have excessive keyword stuffing should be given the rating ‘lowest’. That’s a really clear sign. If you’ve got your onpage SEO wrong, that really could be a weight holding you down.

Have clear contact details

Point number three is having visible contact details. That includes an About Us page. Most websites, important ones, will have Contact Us and an About Us pages. This is a good quality signal of a website that really is trying to put their best foot forward and represent themselves and make sure that they’re very easily contactable.

Add as much contact information as you can to that Contact page. Add phone numbers and Contact Us forms, addresses, live chat and so on, anything that you can do to make it easy for people communicate with you.

Tell your story

When filling out your About Us page, it is important to tell your story. Tell the background of the business as well. That shows that you’re a real person and it also helps to improve trust. It lets people connect with you.

show your authority

Show you’re the boss.

Show your authority

For step number five, you also want to demonstrate your authority. You can feed this throughout your entire website. Do this on your About Us page and everywhere. You want to have photos and videos and references to yourself in the media. You want to show people you’re getting visibility and engagement from other people. Google talks about the idea of what they call EAT – Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. Pages need enough expertise to be authoritative. So we want to feed all of that into the pages themselves.

Assess your website

Think about how your website stacks up. Is it modern and is it up to date? Do you have best-practice SEO? Is your contact information visible and easy to get to if the client needs to? Are you telling your story and are you starting to demonstrate your authority? If you are, you will engage with the visitors to your website, and at the same time be giving Google what it wants.

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