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Is your site easy to navigate or can people quickly find what they’re looking for? These are the questions you should be asking yourself after creating your website. Find out more from David Jenyns about why website usability is important.

Website usability is a big factor in the user experience. If you want to learn more website usability tips to improve your website, contact Authority Content now.

Video Transcript: We have the three areas, the first of which is usability. It is a little bit of an art just to be getting a website right. You need to be working with great website people.

usabilityYou want to get people engaged in your website, you want to be making it easy for them to navigate, you want them to be able to find content. All of that is important and it was part of the Panda update. So if you think about the usability, it is all related to Panda. Inside The SEO Method 3 which you’ve all got access to, there was a one hundred and fifty point checklist that Stevo put together. It goes through all of the criteria. If you’re a client of ours and you’ve got the Starter Pack, effectively we’ve gone through that for you. Then we’ve fed that information back to you to fix it up.

PandaBut the Panda update was all about seeing what’s happening on your actual website. They want to make sure that they’re seeing About Us and Contact Us and Privacy. I talked all about Panda in The SEO Method, so we won’t go into it in great detail. Suffice to say, you want to be doing everything and improving the experience that people are having on the website. Although it’s not necessarily related to what Google’s looking for, while you’re there, you might as well increase your conversion rate.

extraAs we collected all of the proof from the workshop, we got photos, we got videos, all that sort of thing should start to get fed back into the site. That will help with engagement anyway because it helps build the proof, gets people to stick there. How long people stick on a website is now one of those factors that Google looks for.

The first circle is usability. Make notes in the workbook if there are any things you feel already that stick out to you straight away that you need to fix on your website. Some of the basics are it needs to be easy to navigate. Ed talked about it, Google knows it. Mobile is huge. Google is seeing such a rise there. It’s a ranking factor. The speed at which your website loads as well is something else they consider. They know everybody is accessing a website on a mobile phone. Often they don’t have super lightning fast internet, so if it’s loading slowly, that’s a bad user experience for me. This is part of SEO now, this whole usability thing.Basic

High engagement is important. That’s why you want to get some videos onto the site and see what you can do to reduce bounce rate. It’s all very important. If you want some free training on this, inside The SEO Method 2 and 3, there’s that session that Stevo ran. There is the full hundred and fifty point checklist. It’s all there for you. You can also head over to australianinternetmarketing.com which is a website that I put up ages ago. There is a section on usability there. Or go to someone like Alliance Software which make fantastic websites, and they’ll be able to look after you.

Google values user experience that is why it is very important that business owners must make sure that they improve their website usability. Find out how Authority Content can help you in this aspect.

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